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A Step-by-Step Guide to Increasing Enrollment and Building Financial Sustainability by Creating Mission-Aligned, Data-Informed Program Management Processes 

July 9-August 13, 2024
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This Course Is For:

  • Provosts, associate provosts, deans, directors of institutional research, VPs of enrollment management, and other higher education leaders with responsibility for managing—and supporting the management of—academic programs.
  • We recommend that groups of 2-4 people participate from each institution, including one person from institutional research or effectiveness. However, solo participants and other groupings are of course welcome.
  • The course will meet weekly, on Tuesdays, 1-2 pm ET, from July 9 through August 13. Participants who are not able to join at that time can watch the recordings asynchronously. The course will be highly interactive, so synchronous participation is strongly recommended as much as is possible

What You Will Learn:

In this course you will design data-informed decision-making process to align your academic programs and departments with your institution's mission, culture, and markets.


Introduction and Overview
We will discuss the benefits and potential impact of establishing, and enhancing, 

data-informed decision-making processes at your institution. We’ll also discuss the challenges of doing so, and the roadblocks you may face along the way. You will meet your fellow participants, and we will share an overview of UQ’s approach.


Data Sources and Essential Metrics
We will cover essential metrics on student demand, workforce demand, career and earnings outcomes, competition, size and growth expectations, modality, operational efficiency, and financial efficiency—with a focus on those that UQ has found most useful in our work with over 40 institutions nationwide. For those who are interested, we will show where to obtain the data and how to do the calculations.


New Programs
You will build a process for identifying and assessing new programs to launch. Guided by UQ’s tested frameworks and recommended metrics, and in conversation with fellow participants, you will build a four-step process that you can implement at your institution. The process will include key issues, essential questions, primary and secondary metrics, thresholds, decision criteria, documentation, personnel, and timing. You will receive custom reports on new program opportunities for your institution, in your specific markets, and access to a workforce supply & demand tool.


Current Programs
You will build a process for assessing your current program portfolio. With UQ’s frameworks as your guide, you will build a process for data-informed, mission-aligned current program assessment and management at your institution—either an annual program health check or an in-depth program prioritization process. You will receive data and selected reports, from UQ’s data tools, on your institution’s program portfolio. Key issues of faculty governance and institutional culture will be discussed.


Faculty Lines
You will review and refine the processes you have built so far, and then build a process for assessing and approving requests for new faculty lines and faculty line renewals. 


Implementation: Encultured Rhythms
We will continue to refine the processes you have built so far, and then discuss strategies for integrating the processes into your institution’s rhythm and culture. We will consider personnel, timing, documentation, governance, and other key issues. By the end of the session, you will be ready to implement the processes at your institution.

About Your Instructors

Dr. Seth Houston
Founder and CEO
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A lifelong academic, Seth served on the faculties of Carroll University (WI) and the University of California, Irvine.

After completing an MBA at UCLA, Houston worked at another consulting firm before founding UQ in 2021. UQ’s data tools, process support, and consulting have supported program-related decision-making at over 40 institutions.

Dr. Gary Daynes
Senior Consultant
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Gary has served as provost at two institutions, as well as other senior roles including VP for Student Engagement and VP for Enrollment Management.

Gary has consulted with dozens of colleges and universities across the country, in areas including program optimization, administrative optimization, pricing, and institutional reimagining.

For more about our instructors, click here.

The Course Package Includes:

Six hour-long course sessions, taught over Zoom

(participants who miss a session can watch a recording)

Weekly half-hour coaching sessions with UQ team


Follow-up meetings with UQ team 1, 3, and 6 months after course

Course workbook

Rubrics and frameworks

Selected reports and spreadsheets from UQ’s data tools 

($2,000 value)

Access to additional resources on UQ Academy 

($2,000 value)

Discounts to UQ’s data tools and services 

($12,000 value)
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Participants are expected to devote at least half an hour before and after each session for preparatory and follow-up work. Additional time will allow deeper engagement with the material.


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$1,900 for up to three participants

Additional participants from the same institution: 

We understand that these are challenging times. If the price is a problem for your institution, please contact us about scholarship opportunities. We also offer a four-month installment plan. If you are serious about developing data-informed decision-making processes at your institution, we want you to have access to this transformative information.

For more information, please contact Dana Cruikshank at

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with the Foundations course, you can request a full refund within 30 days.
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Completely Risk-Free.

What our partners are saying :

"UQ Solutions is the man behind the curtain for deciding next steps in academic portfolio evaluation… If you want to stand out in the crowd that is your market, UQ Solutions is the perfect place to start."

—Dr. Dondi E. Costin, President, Liberty University (formerly President, Charleston Southern University)
“...a critical resource for our leadership to contemplate trends and student-consumer needs to make pinpoint decisions on our academic portfolio.”

—Dr. Shawn Daley, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer, George Fox University
“The expertise and guidance of UQ Solutions have been instrumental for the university moving forward with initiatives slated for the near present and future.”

—Dr. Michael Thompson, Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Illinois Wesleyan University

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